jesuspharisees (2)

You are probably familiar with a leadership review. But there was one that caught my attention recently as I was reading of the life of Jesus in Matthew 23. Interestingly, Jesus had been reviewing the religious leaders of His day, unbeknown to them. And it seems that they failed the review badly. I must admit that I had an uncomfortable moment as I reviewed my life in light of comments Jesus made about these leaders.

Before you become too critical of them, reflect on these five questions and give yourself a mark out of ten for each one.

  1. Do you practice what you preach?
  2. Do you do things to be seen of people?
  3. Do you love to be seated in the important seats at a function?
  4. Do you love to be greeted with respect in the marketplace?
  5. Do you love to be addressed by a particular title?

Jesus had some hard words for these leaders. He wrote in their review the words “hypocrites”, “blind guides” and “whitewashed tombs”.   To help you in your review, remember :

  1. Jesus is more interested in the motives of your heart than in your outward actions.
  2. Jesus highlighted the qualities of servanthood and humility.
  3. Jesus practiced what He preached. He found His identity in who He was (a loved Son of His Father) and not what He did.