Peter Costello

Australia’s longest serving Treasurer, and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party from 1994 to 2007

I am very thankful for the significant investment that Rod Denton made in my life when I was a young man. His encouragement and counsel helped me to develop skills which have served me throughout my career. Rod’s ministry had a very positive impact on my life. Rod’s model of leadership is to get alongside people, to give them encouragement and to help them to grow and mature to their maximum ability. He aims to develop leadership in others so they in turn can nuture other people. Together with his wife Sue, Rod has had an extensive ministry in Australia and overseas that has helped many people. They are a testimony to his investment in their lives.


Craig Winkler

Founder MYOB, Ltd

We all face significant decision points in life, which set the direction of the next phase of our journey. In my case the decision to start my own business in 1987 was certainly a pivotal change. I will always be grateful for Rod Denton’s input into my life during this period – Rod’s openess, faith, persistence, teaching and encouragement were vital elements of helping me to grow in my own faith in Jesus, develop my character, and make the transition into business life with integrity. The investment Rod was prepared to make into my life, combined with God’s limitless grace, has delivered a remarkable return over many years. Rod has great experience in working with leaders in all walks of life, and I am delighted that he is taking on a new challenge to inspire and encourage many more in their faith journey.

The Late Rev Dr John Mallison OAM

Author and International Mentor and Equipper of Leaders

I have counted it an honour to be a friend and mentor to Rod Denton for many years. He is one of Australia’s most outstanding Christian leaders who in an exemplary fashion has lead a very effective missional church, skillfully managing, mentoring and developing a large leadership team. Many leaders nationally and internationally have greatly benefited from his well received leadership training events. He also supports a broad cross-section of leaders at all levels of the community. His varied skills, wide experience and intimate relationship with Christ will enable hime to equip many new and mature leaders to serve and finish well. He is a devoted husband and father.

Doug Birdsall

Former President of Asian Access. Former Executive Chair Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism

The first person I called when we were starting the leadership development work of Asian Access all across Asia was Rod Denton, Rod has a unique combination of skills and ministry experience that made him an invaluable partner in training pastors in countries like Sri Lanka, Japan, Mongolia and Nepal. It was always exciting for me to see Rod at work with young pastors. He is particularly gifted at helping people discover the unique gifts that God has given them, and then gives them the keys that open the doors for growth in fulfilling their God-given potential.
I admire the way in which Rod disciplines himself to keep learning and growing as a servant leader. The congruity between what Rod teaches and what he practices serve to make him an exemplary leader. It is a pleasure to commend him to you.


Steve Ahern

National Director, Youth With A Mission

I have had the wonderful privilege of enjoying a close friendship with Rod for more than two decades. As a person, he is a loyal friend who maintains his commitment and encouragement. He is a loving husband and a devoted and kind father. In ministry, he has a very strong teaching gift with a real prophetic edge. He is an incredible equipper and developer of both new and seasoned leaders. He also has a truly pastoral gift that makes congregations grow. He is a spiritual father who has strongly helped, both in Australia and overseas, to connect the body of Christ together and in particular helped motivate many spiritual leadership groups to engage in kingdom purposes. Rod also carries in his heart a major burden for revival. It is a great joy for me to recommend to you this exceptional man of God.


Suzanne Foley

Leader For Missions And Evangelism, Clovercrest Baptist Church

Rod & Sue have been great mentors to me at some critical times in my life and ministry. Rod has helped me think through the direction and effectiveness of my leadership of OASIS. He has encouraged me to think strategically, to be bold and have a big vision. He has also helped me to understand the importance of developing ongoing intimacy of my relationship with God. This has transformed me and the ministry I am involved in and I’m very grateful for his influence. Rod & Sue have a lot of wisdom in understanding people and have given me sound advice, both personally and in my leadership. I value them both very highly.

Pastor Andrew Evans OAM

Joint Founder of Family First, Political Party

I am pleased to be able to commend Rod Denton as a leader of influence who has been used to impact the state of South Australia. Under Rod’s leadership, a united prayer movement was raised up that brought many of the streams of the church in the state together to have a transforming effect in strategic places and at critical times. Rod’s ability to organise and lead this movement that covered much of out state, and then to train up a leadership team, demonstrate skills that are well suited to this new season in his life of “investing in the next generation”.

Dr RT Kendall

Former Minister, Westminster Chapel, London. International Author and Teacher

Rod Denton is a big man whose heart and spirit are even bigger. He has the maturity and integrity that younger men need, and I think he will be a good mentor not only for men and women living in Australia but the whole of that part of the globe. I commend him to you as one who longs to see the Word and the Spirit joined together – as in the book of Acts. He wants sound theology with the power of God; the gifts of the Spirit alongside the fruits; and the likeness of Jesus to match study and learning. Get as much of him as you can!

rowlandcroucherRev Dr Rowland Croucher

Director, John Mark Ministries

I have been privileged to know Rod Denton as a successful businessman, an inspiring Pastor-mentor to many (including myself), a pastoral leader, and as a ‘man of passion’. One of his ‘passions’ is to do whatever he can to arrest the awful attrition-rate of potentail leaders from their vocations. He is one of the best-organised people I have ever known, a voracious reader, and an enthusiastic purveyor of his ‘mentoring vision’. His ‘mentorees’ are fortunate people.

2016-08-26 12.44.18 (1)Darren Cox

Major Gawler Salvation Army

At a recent conference I was confronted by the following words of Eugene Peterson found  in his book ‘Working the Angles – The shape of Pastoral Integrity’.

“On the lower slopes of the mountain it never occurred to me to have a guide.  But about halfway up the mountain, alarmed at how many maimed and dead bodies of other pastors I was seeing, I became frightened.  Aware of the danger of the enterprise and my own ignorance of the mountain, I decided that I must have a skilled guide, a spiritual director.”

As I read this paragraph I thanked God so much that I had Rod Denton in my life.  I have never had anyone invest so much into my leadership and my own walk of faith.  I am healthier and the Church I lead is healthier because of this man’s insight, integrity and influence as he directs and mentors me.  He speaks with humility but he has achieved so much for the Kingdom.  His wisdom is founded on years of obediently following Jesus, counting the cost and always looking for what the Father is doing.  I cannot recommend this man and his ministry highly enough.