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The Power and Priority of Prayer for Leaders

Rod Denton Induction at Elizabeth Church of Christ_2012A friend of mine was travelling by plane between two cities and when the meal was served something unusual happened. The person next to him who had spent much time on the plane praying, chose not to accept the meal. My friend turned to him and said, “I notice that you have been praying and have decided not to eat, are you a Christian? Are you fasting and praying?”
The person replied, “I am a Satanist, and I am fasting and praying for the breakup of marriages of particular Christian leaders in our country.”
My friend wrote to me about his experience and said, “Rod, I hope you have people …

Personal Vision Worksheet

RJD - Copy (2)The following worksheet is provided to help clarify your calling in life. It is organized to help you see how God has worked in the past, is working in the present, and how He will work in your life in the future.

Introductory Statement to Worksheet
In the past, God used specific characteristics, events, people and teachings to guide your direction and thinking. These influenced your desires. God is in control, and your life is influenced by design – not coincidence. Direction and confidence for the present and future can be aided by reflecting on what has occurred in the past.

By looking at the past and seeing how it …