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Plan Now to Outlive your life

“Is this a tragedy?” John Piper asked an audience of 50,000 young people when he spoke of two 80 year old ladies, Ruby a nurse and Laura a retired doctor, who were killed instantly when their car went over a cliff in the Cameroons, where they were serving as missionaries.

I continued to watch the video of John Piper where he said, “What happened to these two ladies was no tragedy. But this is a tragedy.”

And then he told the story from a Readers’ Digest article about a couple aged 59 and 61, who took early retirement to live in a coastal development in Florida, USA to spend their …

Clues To The Amazing Story Of The Church In Nepal

The church in Nepal has grown from a handful of people in 1990 to around 1million today (out of a population of 27million).

The following are some clues to the amazing story of this country that resembles to me the New Testament Church.

1. Contextual Situation

Great revivals usually occur within certain contextual situations. The following are some of the more common ones:

Persecution: Many pastors experienced persecution from their families after becoming Christians. One pastor told me how at the age of 14 he began walking 12 kilometers to his nearest church to hear about Jesus Christ. Following his conversion at the same age, he was asked to leave …