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Rod and Sue Feb 2020

Your attitude quotient (AQ) is more important than your intelligence quotient (IQ)

With the passing of time and the study of great leaders, I have come to understand that there is no greater lesson to learn than this; It is my attitude that will determine my life, not the circumstances that I face in my life. For I cannot choose my circumstances, but I can choose my attitude to my circumstances.

When Paul wrote his letter to the Philippians, he was in jail and ready to die, but there is no more joyful book in the Bible. In four short chapters he mentions the word “joy” 16 times. At the …


Hands of wedding couple

All of life is a learning experience.
Throughout the course of my life I have participated in learning experiences that have been of a formal, non-formal and informal nature.

Some of my best learning opportunities have occurred in the less intentional informal moments in the school of life. In these experiences, learning has taken place through observing people who unexpectedly created a teachable moment for me in the high calling of married life.

Three memorable encounters that occurred in earlier years of my ministry brought to my attention the importance of Leaders’ Marriages – A Priority of Highest Order.

Donald McGavran was the …

The Most Memorable Gift I Could Have Given


My wife Sue’s birthday was fast approaching, and try as I may, I couldn’t think of a memorable present that she needed, that I could buy for her. We had been married for forty years and memorable presents were now more difficult than ever to find.

However, in the process the word memory would not leave me and then it came to me; why not buy Sue a memory. After all, you can never wear a memory out, it can never add clutter to your house and you are less likely to forget it. But what kind of memory! Now my thought processes were quite stirred and I started to …

Leader’s Marriages

Written originally in July 1980.

Since coming to California 10 months ago, I have preached no sermons, and led no Bible studies. In short, I have not sought, nor have I been offered any opportunity to be involved in public ministry.

Apart from my life at Fuller Seminary, I have had opportunity to give the balance of my time to the most important congregation I will ever have the privilege to minister to – my family. Further, can I say that these last ten months of intimate focused attention on my family have been ten of the richest months in my life. During this time, the Lord has impressed upon …