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The time has come to…MARCH OFF THE MAP

The-Battle-of-Gaugamela-Alexander-the-Great-vs.-Darius-III-7In 330 BC, Alexander the Great had conquered the Persian Empire and in the process had become ruler of most of the known world. With the greatest army ever assembled he decided to continue his push eastward. His vision was unrelenting. He wanted to rule the entire world.

But when they reached the Himalayan Mountains, his leaders came to Alexander with a serious concern. They had  gone beyond the boundaries of their maps. To go further would mean that they would march off the map. They were suddenly faced with two options. They could return to where they came from and stay within familiar territory, or they could bravely march …

YOUR DESTINY…….it’s in your hands

cemetaryI have heard it said that the greatest buried treasure in any city is to be found in its cemetery. For this is the place where the accumulated unfulfilled potential of a large number of people forever lies.
I compare this with the life of Jesus who said just before His death on a cross at the age of 33, “Father….I have brought you glory on earth by FINISHING THE WORK YOU GAVE ME TO DO.” John 17:4 He was born with a destiny and He gave His life to fulill this destiny.

I was challenged by the words of John Maxwell in his message on How To


jesuspharisees (2)

You are probably familiar with a leadership review. But there was one that caught my attention recently as I was reading of the life of Jesus in Matthew 23. Interestingly, Jesus had been reviewing the religious leaders of His day, unbeknown to them. And it seems that they failed the review badly. I must admit that I had an uncomfortable moment as I reviewed my life in light of comments Jesus made about these leaders.

Before you become too critical of them, reflect on these five questions and give yourself a mark out of ten for each one.

  1. Do you practice what you preach?
  2. Do you do things to be



  1. Stand up and take charge (They accept responsibility and have a war-time perspective)
  2. Are not necessarily those in leadership positions with leadership titles
  3. Define reality
  4. Are humble and care for people
  5. Are prepared to make sacrifices and pay a price
  6. Walk by faith and not by sight
  7. Lead by their convictions and not by their feelings
  8. Know that God is sovereign and that the crisis has not taken Him by surprise
  9. Have perspective and see the big picture
  10. Know that God will bring good out of bad
  11. Show moral courage in the face of fear
  12. Are dealers in hope
  13. Take necessary risks and