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Let’s Get Intentional

Lets Get Intentional

I spent December quietly at home with the intention of getting much needed perspective on the next season of my life. I was aware of the danger of drift on one hand, and of indiscriminately maintaining the status quo on the other hand.

In the process, the key word that surfaced for me was the word intentional. Being intentional was a reminder for me to stay focused, to know what on earth I am here for, to live proactively, and not be caught up reacting to the many needs that surround me, and to live purposely the one life that has been entrusted to me, with courage and humility.…

The Radical Kingdom Banquet

It has been said that if we are not succeeding in what we are doing, we should go back and check the maker’s instructions. This thought has motivated me to re-read the gospels and learn anew what Jesus had to say on the subject of evangelism.

Not surprisingly, as I have read the gospels with a renewed awareness of the way Jesus modeled and taught about evangelism, I have been challenged by the radical way He addressed the culture of His day. I sense He would not be any different today.

As an example, let me invite you to read again the parable of the Great Banquet (Luke 14:1-24), which …