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Hands of wedding couple

All of life is a learning experience.
Throughout the course of my life I have participated in learning experiences that have been of a formal, non-formal and informal nature.

Some of my best learning opportunities have occurred in the less intentional informal moments in the school of life. In these experiences, learning has taken place through observing people who unexpectedly created a teachable moment for me in the high calling of married life.

Three memorable encounters that occurred in earlier years of my ministry brought to my attention the importance of Leaders’ Marriages – A Priority of Highest Order.

Donald McGavran was the …


Rod Denton Induction at Elizabeth Church of Christ_2012 - Copy (2)(1) “START AT THE TOP AND WORK YOUR WAY DOWN. THEY MIGHT SAY NO BUT THEY COULD SAY YES. “
Dr Robert Clinton, a former professor of leadership at Fuller Seminary had five principles of mentoring. His first principle; it is the mentee’s responsibility to find a mentor. This could be interpreted as the principle of attraction.
Interestingly, it was near the completion of my first year of full time ministry that I attended a small groups seminar that was conducted by a gifted and experienced leader named John Mallison. I immediately was attracted to John and asked if I could meet him next time I was in his home …

WRITE…… with Emotional Intelligence

screenshot-8[1]We live in a world where emotional intelligence (EQ) is of more importance than intelligence quotient (IQ)

“Emotions impact everything we do, think and say, and for this reason, a whole set of skills are all enhanced by emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise and understand emotions in ourselves and others, and our ability to use this AWARENESS to manage our behaviour and relationships.” (Talentsmart)

An interesting thought came to me as I recently read the apostle Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonian Christians. After finishing chapter one it dawned on me that Paul was writing with emotional intelligence. Perhaps it unusually impacted me because Paul’s writing …

DON’T MISS GOD’S PRESENCE…… times of crisis

My favourite place in my house is in our lounge room looking out of a bay window into our garden. One day, I felt a strange prompt; this garden needs a bird bath. So I purchased a bird bath and placed it in the garden.

To my surprise, it wasn’t long before the local birds discovered this newly installed bird bath. News travelled fast. Around dawn and at dusk, a number of birds would appear at our bird bath to splash and enjoy a cool drink.
One day as I was watching this ritual take place, God broke in and spoke. It was a timely Corona Virus moment, a timely …