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Jesus,Holding,Male,Hand,To,Bless,And,Heal,Christian,,ReligiousThe remarkable life of Jesus was brought home to me when I read these words,
“The life of Jesus was so unique, unpredictable, illogical and inconsistent that it would have been impossible for someone to make it up. It had to be true.”

And yet Jesus’ calling to us is that we are to learn to live like Him. He said to His disciples, “As the Father sent me, so I am sending you.”  John 20:21  As I grew to understand this calling, the words of a Salvation Army song took on a deeper meaning for me :

“To be like Jesus, this hope possesses me,
In every thought



In recent years the presence of Covid19 has greatly impacted how we do life, including how we live together in community as the people of God. For many of us it has not been possible to regularly meet together and so we have become the church on-line which has made it possible for us to choose the time in our week’s schedule when we can view the latest church service.
But should this become the usual practice as things get back to normal? Some people are asking why we should go back to meeting together as one family. Whilst there are good reasons why some people are unable to do …


I will never forget my visits to Nepal to undertake week long leadership intensives with leaders who were highly motivated to grow and impact their nation. On a number of occasions I realised that I was the one being taught as I listened to the stories of these men and women who had chosen to deny themselves and take up their crosses to follow their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Let them be your teacher as you read these lessons from the lives of men and women who deeply impacted me during my visits to Nepal.

From just a single secret Christian residing in Nepal in 1951, the number of …


I haven’t met one person yet who has told me that they could have anticipated the events that have shaken the world in recent days. We live in times of disruption and instability where the only uncertainty we have is continuous change and where our national leaders seem incapable of finding answers to the challenges that confront us. In addition, we are realising that what got us to where we are now, will not be capable of taking us to where we want to go.

It seems that this very situation is creating a crisis in leadership for how can you lead when you can’t see what’s ahead and don’t …