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  1. Stand up and take charge (They accept responsibility and have a war-time perspective)
  2. Are not necessarily those in leadership positions with leadership titles
  3. Define reality
  4. Are humble and care for people
  5. Are prepared to make sacrifices and pay a price
  6. Walk by faith and not by sight
  7. Lead by their convictions and not by their feelings
  8. Know that God is sovereign and that the crisis has not taken Him by surprise
  9. Have perspective and see the big picture
  10. Know that God will bring good out of bad
  11. Show moral courage in the face of fear
  12. Are dealers in hope
  13. Take necessary risks and

HUMILITY………The key to aging well

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I was recently reminded by our Prime Minister that I am now old enough to be regarded as a protected species that needs to be shielded from the dangers of our society. He was addressing the issue of the current Corona virus pandemic and urged all Australians over 70 to stay at home to avoid any unnecessary risk of contracting the virus. I must admit that I had mixed feelings about his interest in my welfare.

Growing old has its challenges. But it also has its advantages as I discovered in my recent Bible journaling where I took time to follow the lifeline of the apostle Paul. In the process …

IDENTIFYING LEADERS……..In Times of Crisis 1 Samuel 17

imagesNMS756EK“All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time.”                      John Kenneth Galbraith

Whenever God wanted to get something done, He raised up a leader. That leader was often not a person in a leadership position or one who had the title of a leader. In fact, God often overlooked those who to the logical mind seemed to be more suited to the leadership position in question. Take David for example. Samuel was commissioned by God to anoint a king who would ultimately replace King Saul who had been rejected by God for …

WAITING ON GOD The importance of keeping in step with God

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We live in a generation that is not noted for its ability to wait patiently. The demonstrators of the world march and chant in unison, “What do we want” and “When do we want it?” And the answer echoes back, “We want it now!”

Waiting is rarely seen as a virtue. Rather, we associate waiting with being left behind, with wasting time, with a missed opportunity or with someone getting ahead of us. However, a close read of the Bible suggests otherwise. Time and time again we see that there are seasons where waiting on God is of vital importance. The prophet Isaiah had learnt the value of waiting.